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Oren Jensen- Owner, Lead Guide

As first born of the fifth generation on Tanglewood Ranch, Oren has kept the tradition at home by making a business of what he does best.  Enjoying the outdoors hunting and fishing.  Since he was a small boy it was hard to keep him out of the woods whether hunting bear and cougar with his grandfather or just riding horseback over the mountains.  This is his home. For the last eight years Oren has been dedicated to finding some of the best deer, bear, bird and coyote country in North Central Washington. 

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Todd Jensen - Guide

Being raised on Tanglewood Ranch in the footsteps of father and big brothers, Todd has also made a living in the outdoors.  Residing in Colfax, Washington, Todd and his wife Rachel own and operate a horse training facility on their own property.  Todd has more experience in the outdoors as he does anywhere else. (pictured on the left)

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Jeff Harmon - Guide

'Jeff Harmon has joined the fantastic hunting team at Tanglewood Guides. He brings superior skill in all aspects of the hunting world, some may call Jeff supernatural in the art of tracking game animals. His eyesight and sense of smell are second to none and are compared to that of African warlords. he was born in the Pasayton wilderness and was raised by a herd of mule deer. Because of his upbringing with the mule deer nobody knows their habits and hunts better than Jeff. So if you would like to hunt the best areas with the best guides and kill the biggest game in the world contact Tanglewood Guides today.'

All joking aside, this is the real Jeff -  
From the time Jeff was a little boy he has spent as much time as he could in the outdoors.  He learned to hunt from his father and grandfather.  From shed hunting to scouting to hunting Jeff loves all aspects of the outdoor experience.  His specialty is hunting mule deer although he has been successful in harvesting white tail, black tail deer and black bear as well as small game.  Jeff would like nothing more than to share with you his passion for hunting in Okanogan County.


 509.869.3621          ojensenbiggame@hotmail.com          41 Sterling Lane, Tonasket WA 98855


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